Friday, July 4, 2014

A Sports Bar, Nothing More

I attended a farewell get-together last night celebrating my bride’s retirement from the work force. The Belle and I along with a bunch of people from her office met up at Lee Roy Selmon’s in Brandon for adult beverages and comestibles.

This was a bittersweet event. All in attendance were happy for my bride, but sad to see her go. My baby is obviously well liked by the people she has worked with, some going back ten or more years, from Intermedia, to MCI/ WorldCom, to Verizon, to Telovations, and finally BrightHouse.

The beer and wine flowed like…well, beer and wine. Service was prompt and accommodating, and the appetizers we ordered were well prepared and flavorful…thanks Pam.

The MVP PLATTER was a combination of Selmon Brothers’ Wings, Smokin’ Quesadillas and Fried Green Tomatoes. The wings were as good as we remembered, the quesadillas were the best of the three, and the green tomatoes weren’t bad.

From there the entrees went downhill. My PULLED PORK BOWL (Soul Good Pulled Pork, Selmon’s rice, fresh avocado, tomatoes, corn and lettuce mixed with hickory chipotle sauce and topped with fresh cilantro) was dry and tasteless…probably because there was no chipotle sauce. Even still, the pork was stringy and devoid of flavor.

The SOUL GOOD PULLED PORK (Slow smoked. Topped with Selmon’s house sauce. Served with baked beans and corn) that the newly retired person requested was “not bad.” Whatever entrée Pam had was judged to be really dry and over cooked.

The bowl on the left and the pork plate on the right.

We had been to a Selmon’s down in Ft. Myers some years ago for a blacked-out Bucs game and were not impressed with any of their offerings beyond appetizers…wings and such. After last night, the same can be said for the Selmon’s in Brandon. Go for a game, cold beer, and finger foods. This franchise is a sports bar, nothing more. Go elsewhere for dinner.

Our friend Pam picked up the check for four of us, so I have no idea how much the evening cost.

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