Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ain't No Uncle Like Uncle Bubba

Editor's update 4/9/2014: Uncle Bubba has permanently shut the door to this restaurant. Apparently it had become a financial burden, so the waterfront property will now be redeveloped.

We had a long arduous drive from Tampa on our way to Tybee Island, Georgia courtesy of Google Maps, but we finally made it through Savannah. Just on the outskirts of the city we realized that we were within rock-tossing distance from Uncle Bubba's Oyster House at 104 Bryan Woods Road.

My bride and I were in need of food and a couple of medicinal beers, so Bubba's seemed like a good place to stop for a late lunch or early dinner. We pulled in to Bubba's forested parking lot and made our way to the door. We were immediately greeted by a most charming lady who guided us to our table. At three in the afternoon we had the place pretty much to ourselves and our server promptly appeared.

Joy was a true joy. She presented us with menus and took our drink orders, probably sensing that we were in dire need of a couple of adult beverages.

On our way to the table we passed by the oyster shucking station. I paused to watch the shucker shuck. The oysters looked good, but the shucking didn't. I asked if he could shuck the oysters without draining all of that delicious salty liquor. He said he could and if there was debris, he would wash it off. Oh, hell to the no! That is a sin against oyster lovers the world over. I politely asked him not to rinse the oysters.

What I was presented with did not look too bad except for the ice cubes piled on top and the oysters not being cut loose from the bottom shell. At least these mollusks weren't mangled and, but for the melted ice cubes, most were pleasantly salty.

It never ceases to amaze me to find venues serving oysters that do not properly train their shuckers. From personal experience shucking hundreds of oysters, I know it isn't that hard.

Both my bride and I had better luck with our entrees. She requested the perfectly breaded and cooked Aunt Peggy's Fried Catfish with a side of "the best coleslaw I have ever tasted." The catfish was prepared with a light corn meal breading. The coleslaw was the first we had ever tried that didn't have mayonnaise. It didn't need mayo! It was savory and delicious with finely chopped onion and what tasted like a splash of rice vinegar. Her other side dish was creamy grits, and who don't like Southern grits?

Whilst my bride was ordering her catfish, I was eyeing Paula's Bucket. It was hard to tell from the pictures as to the size of Paula's Bucket, so I had to ask, "How big is Paula's Bucket?" Joy kept a straight face through this exchange and suggested I would be pleased with that bucket crammed with shrimp, steamed oysters, clams and mussels, and topped with Old Bay. If this bucket had red taters and cobs of corn, I don't remember them. Paula's Bucket was a big'un and I was stuffed!

The only other negative about Bubba's is that you need to carefully review your check. We were billed for two additional beers that we were never served.

Our total for food and beverages: $107.87 and that included a 20% gratuity. And we can now say, "Been there, done that!"

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Outdoor seating at Bubba's (when it isn't 32 degrees):

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