Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tasty Treats From Statesboro

Just the other day I congratulated my blogging friend, Rebekah, on her blog's second anniversary. Some Kinda Good is located in Statesboro, Georgia, and Rebekah is a most talented food blogger, food columnist, and TV personality in that city and beyond.

Anyhoo, when I read her birthday blog, I didn't pay much attention to the part about thanking her readers with a chance to win food products from one of Statesboro’s own gourmet businesses. I am not the kinda (just for you Rebekah) person who wins stuff. The last time I won anything was 25 years ago when my bride agreed to put up with me "until death do us part." To my great surprise I received an email from Rebekah telling me that I am the big wiener, or was that "winner?"

Either way works for me.

Said Rebekah, "Braswell Food Company has been making specialty preserves, condiments and sauces for almost 70 years. Valued at $35, the set includes an assortment of Braswell’s most popular fruit butters and hors d’oeuvre jellies. And, to compliment that gift basket, winners will also receive one fresh baked loaf of bread from Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe."

Click picture to enlarge

I am all a-twitter with excitement, and I can't wait to dive into my goodies. Thank you Rebekah, Braswell's, and Sugar Magnolia. The shipment arrived just a few minutes ago in great condition.

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