Friday, December 6, 2013

Easy Tex - Mex En Su Casa

I was talking with our daughter last night on the telephone when she asked what we were doing for dinner. I told her I was whipping up my quick and easy enchilada recipe. She inquired as to the ingredients and method.

So, for you Mish, here is especial del chef:

Click to enlarge

I don't normally endorse any particular brand, but Wolf seems to have the best canned chili, both with and without beans. This brand can stand on its own, but certainly you should feel free to adjust seasonings to suit your taste. I do.

Here is what I wound up with last night:

Your Mom likes them with a dollop of sour cream on top along with some chopped raw onions. I always add hot sauce to mine. These enchiladas even taste good the next day. My bride took a couple of them to work with her to have as her almuerzo today.

Speaking of the Belle, she compared these enchiladas with those from a local Tex - Mex eatery.

Buen provecho.

Editor's update at 2 PM, 12/6/2013: I had the rest of the enchiladas for my lunch today and I am going to suggest they were even better than last night. Five minutes in the microwave on high and they developed a delightful crust around the edges. Mierda, eso era bueno!


  1. Thank you! Making it today! XO

    1. You are welcome Anonymous Mish. Let me know what you think of them.