Monday, September 9, 2013

Cruisin' To Eddie's

Got money to burn and can't decide on steaks or seafood for dinner? Have I got the place for you. It's Eddie V's Prime Seafood on Boy Scout Boulevard near the International Mall. The Belle of Ballast Point and I met up with our daughter and son-in-law for dinner at Eddie's this past Saturday.

A retro main dining room

We had reservations for 5:45, but my bride and I arrived a little early. The charming hostess told us that would not be a problem and we could either wait at the bar for our dining partners or be seated at our table. We chose the table, were promptly seated, presented with water followed by the food and bar menus.

A raspberry rickey and a dozen Tatamagouche oysters on the half shell? Why yes, I believe I will.

The gin rickey with lime and raspberries was a perfect tart and tangy treat. The oysters were, be still my beating heart, perfectly shucked and served. Tatamagouche, by the way, is a charming little fishing village on the Northumberland Straits of Nova Scotia. They had that delicious, salty, kiss of the sea.

While I swooned over my oysters, my bride enjoyed a glass or two of a "I-liked-it-a-lot" La Marca Prosecco. Speaking of wine, our table enjoyed the Belle Glos, Meiomi, Sonoma Coast, 2011 Pinot Noir with our entrées. This was an enjoyable wine recommended by our server, Eric.

The price point, we later discovered, was not quite as enjoyable. Total Wines in Tampa sells this wine for a bit less than $20 a bottle, so there is over a 300% mark up at Mister V's. I probably should have stayed with my first choice, a delightful $30 bottle of Macedonian Pinot Noir that we quaffed at a different dining venue. Be leery of the up-sell at Eddie's. Higher prices do not necessarily equate with higher quality.

Whilst sipping my raspberry rickey and studying the menu, I was struck with the notion that Eddie's seemed to have an identity issue: is it a seafood joint or a steakhouse? Actually, it appears to be both, though there are more seafood choices on the menu than beef and chicken.

I'm sure the seafood dishes are prime, but none excited the palates of the four in our party. All of us chose steaks. Two went with the 8 ounce filet, and two with the 22 ounce bone-in ribeye. Eric suggested a dry rub for the steaks that would add a nice crust to the meat, and we all said yes to that.

My bride's filet with sides of potatoes au gratin and sautéed Monterrey style sweet corn.

My ribeye with a side of Brussels sprouts with bacon and shallots.

All four steaks were prepared as ordered: two medium and two medium rare. The ladies seemed to be pleased with their filets - crispy on the outside and loaded with flavor. The same was true with the guys and the ribeyes, although the center part of each ribeye chewed like a not-well-marbled choice as opposed to the advertized prime.

Photo by Eric, server and master photographer.

The sides that were ordered by our table were all pretty good, and even the small size option could be shared by two people.

For dessert, my bride had the panna cotta and a cup of decaf. She seemed pleased with her choice.

Our dining partners, M & M, had the bananas Foster. I had a bite and it was heavenly.

Our party was seated at a table near the glass partitioned kitchen, so we could watch the activities of the people working the line, including the Chef de Cuisine.

Valet parking at Eddie's is free. We gave the courteous attendant a $5 tip even though the Bentley we requested looked a lot like a PT Cruiser.

Our vehicles were waiting for us as we stepped from the building - there was no waiting for them to be brought around. As we were settling our bills, Eric asked for our parking tickets. He tore off a section and returned the tickets. That is why our vehicles were waiting for us. That was a really nice touch! Other high end restaurants should take note.

Diner for the Belle and me with all food and adult beverages came to $265.63. We left the traditional 20% (it hasn't been 10 or 15% for years) gratuity for superior service.

Our evening at Eddie V's was pleasant enough. There were some misses on the food, but mostly hits.

Maybe I'm getting a little cranky in my old age, but for the prices these so-called high end restaurants in the Bay area charge, I would expect there to be all hits with no misses. I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Bravo Jon! Nice article and well written. BTW the dry rub I suggested is actually a char or Pittsburg Style. Cheers from your server Eric.

    1. Wow! Eric, what a treat to get feedback on any of my reviews. It is especially meaningful when that comment comes from anyone associated with the restaurant. So far the only restaurant professionals who have commented are you and Suzanne with Datz.

      Whether my reviews are good, bad, or indifferent, I always welcome feedback and would seriously consider a revision with logical justification.

      My bride told me that it was a Pittsburgh Style char, but I had a brain fart while typing that review.

      Happy holidays to you and yours,