Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Rick Perry Ooops!

Back in March of this year I posted a picture of our garden guard cat Stubby. We called him The Terror because he terrorized two other feral cats that we had adopted and had fixed. We named him Stubby because he was a puff of black fur with short little legs.

Stubby had a voracious appetite. We figured he had four hollow legs and we might have to take a second job just to feed him.

Fast forward to today. This is Bubba Bean.

Bubba is an 8 week old male. We know Bubba is a boy because we can pick him up and examine that area between butt hole and the next orifice. That is something we couldn't do with Stubby.

We have no idea who Bubba's dad is, but we do know the identity of the mom.

Care to guess?

Momma Stubby and Bubba are not classified by the Humane Society as feral any longer. Momma Stubby is considered a "free roamer" by the Society and Bubba is considered a "chair stealer" by the Belle of Ballast Point.

When I went out to work the backyard garden today in preparation for fall planting I inadvertently left the backdoor ajar. Normally Momma Stubs and Bubba lounge on the patio as I labor under the hot Florida sun. Today they were nowhere to be seen.

They were both asleep in the house, enjoying the quiet in air conditioned comfort. There was something seriously wrong with this scenario...not for them, of course.

The four of us: Stubs, Bubba, the Belle, and I have an appointment at the Humane Society in mid-September. Our furry friends will not be repopulating the neighborhood after this visit. This is the right thing to do. Wouldst that others would do the same.

The rest of the story:

Stubby gave birth to five kittens in the far corner of the backyard under a bush. It rained every day and we became concerned. The Humane Society suggested we needed to provide shelter and move the won't mind.

We bought a secure shelter and moved the kittens.

Mom did mind!

Four of the kittens were on the ground near the shelter in a growing puddle of rain water. Number five was missing and so was Stubby. The Society said we should take the four to the county animal shelter, so we did. They were most likely put down. The shelter does not have the ability or funds to care for four day old kittens.

Later that day I found Stubby and number five in the front yard...under a bush.

We left them alone, but we kept providing food for Stubby. Eventually they both moved to the patio to be close to the food source. Over a period of time we have bonded.

Somebody allowed a male cat to run free. That cat impregnated a less than year old Stubby and is still on the loose. Four kittens were destroyed because we didn't act sooner or properly, and because some irresponsible (insert your word here) didn't act at all.

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