Sunday, July 21, 2013

To Kiss The Sea On The Lips

Few places on our travels cause my taste receptors to quiver as much as when we stumble upon a sign that advertises, Oyster Bar. Like a sailor responding to the Siren's call, I find myself being lured inside to savor a dozen or so of these gifts from the sea, "small and rich, looking like little ears enfolded in shells, and melting between the palate and the tongue like salted sweets." ~ Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) 'Bel Ami'.

Just like the Siren's call leading the sailor to his doom, such is the possibility with the oyster bar. Is it really an oyster bar, or just a bar that happens to serve oysters shucked earlier in the day to be served to unsuspecting or unenlightened patrons?

And, so it was the other day on Iberville, a block off of Canal Street in New Orleans, that my buds of taste began tingling. There was a bar...with oysters! Could it truly be an oyster bar?

Composite photo - JLR and Felix's
 We stepped inside, and yes, Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar possessed a real, honest to gracious goodness, oyster bar. Giddy with excitement, we plopped ourselves on a couple of the stools at the bar and were greeted by the mother shucker of all shuckers, Mr. Michael Jackson (no, the other one).

My beautiful bride, the Belle of Ballast Point, who is not an aficionado of raw oysters ever since she discovered that they are alive when shucked, ordered a garden salad. I, on the other hand, growing up in Northwest Florida eating these tasty treasures from the Gulf Coast - Apalachicola, Texas, and of course Louisiana - had to have some.

I don't remember ordering, nor do I remember Mr. Jackson asking (I think he just knew), but almost immediately perfectly shucked oysters began appearing on the "oyster" bar.

These oysters were perfect. They didn't have that pre-chewed look you get when the shucker doesn't know what they are doing (Tampa, I'm talking to you), they were cut loose from the bottom of the shell, and that glorious liquor was not poured off (still talking to you, Tampa).

Popeye, Michael's coworker asked, "Don't you want crackers and sauce with those oysters?" I replied, "Good tasting oysters don't need anything, and these are good tasting." Popeye smiled and nodded approvingly.

After polishing off a dozen on the half shell, I couldn't resist a dozen of Felix's char-grilled oysters. These hummers were so tasty, savory, and delicious they almost brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am even now drooling at the memory.

Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar is home to an authentic oyster bar, with a professional shucker. This eatery is bright, shiny, and clean. Felix's is the real deal, not one of those "packed to the rafters" tourist destinations scattered about in the Quarter. The staff and management at Felix's are warm and friendly folks who make you feel glad you dropped in.

All food and several beers came to $63.76. We tacked on 20% for great service.

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Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Editor's note: The Oracle dines anonymously and we pay for all that we consume.


  1. I have to agree with the BOBP on eating live animals, but the chargrilled specimens look amaaaaazing!

    1. The char-grilled mollusks were amazing. This place was far superior to the ACME tourist mecca.

  2. Be still my beating heart...freshly shucked oysters...What a lovely repast!