Friday, July 26, 2013

Needing A Medicinal Beer And Life Jacket

It was a really rough start to a day last week in New Orleans. We got blown up and sunk! No one warned us we were going to be blown up and sunk. It happened so fast we didn't even have time for one final adult beverage. Holy crap, was that ever traumatic.

Here is my sad tale of woe.

My bride and I were in town for a four day romp through this gastronomic paradise. After breakfast on the third day out, we Piglets on Parade decided to visit the National WWII Museum. I was anxious to do The Final Mission, USS Tang Submarine Experience.

This is a spectacular, hands-on exhibit, and if you have any interest in submarines (I know I do), you really need to visit this exhibit. When you enter this replica of the Tang, you are assigned a duty station with bells, whistles, wheels, lights and all manner of sub stuff. You can spin the wheels and poke buttons while the boat commander launches a surface torpedo attack on Japanese vessels.

You can see torpedoes being launched, see the enemy ships exploding, hear the sounds, and feel the blasts. How exciting! We seem to be winning the battle when all of a sudden you see and feel a horrible blast and the boat goes dark. One of our torpedoes has circled back and blown us up. We are sinking and most of us don't survive. That was our Final Mission.

I really need a freakin' beer.

There was a taxi waiting for us just outside of the museum and we asked the driver to whisk us away to Deanie's Seafood in the Quarter. We had heard that the food was pretty good, the prices were more reasonable than some other nearby venues, and the beer was really cold.

Deanie's is a sparkling place with a lot of glass and chrome, and very pleasant workers. We were almost immediately guided to our table and presented with water and menus. Both the Belle and I requested a couple of bottles of Dixie. When in New Orleans...

When our beers arrived we were also presented with a complimentary serving of the biggest hush puppies I had ever seen. Whoa! Those weren't hush puppies. Those hummers were boiled new potatoes with a savory dusting of Old Bay (or something similar). Those potatoes were warm and oh so good slathered with a little butter. A real pleasant surprise.

I decided on a light lunch since we had plans for a gut-busting dinner that night. My dozen on the half shell looked good, but they weren't all that cold. Some even verged on warm.

The Belle fared much better with her choice of Louisiana blue crab meat stuffed into a natural shell and baked to a golden brown. I had a taste and it was absolutely wonderful - zesty and delicious.

Also tipping the "Yummy" scale in a positive direction were the ubiquitous char-grilled oysters, apparently a New Orleans staple.

Lunch with several beers came to $63.76 and we added 20% for our server.

Deanie's wasn't what I would call spectacular, but it hit the proverbial spot, especially after being sunk in a submarine.

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