Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fire At Will...Or, Trayvon...Or, Whomever

It is apparently now legal to shoot and kill another person in the State of Florida if you have the slightest notion that your intended victim is harboring some evil intent that maybe, possibly, just might be directed toward you.

As one gun-toting douche bag from St. Pete said, the jury's decision reinforces his gun rights, that is, his right to kill someone without having to give it a second thought: "As a concealed weapons permit holder," said Joe Sullivan, "I can walk around freely with my weapon and I don't feel I have to second-guess myself if I'm in a position where I have to defend myself."

Yepper, just pull out that popper and start blasting away with great abandon. Don't give it a second thought. Florida law says it is okey dokey.


  1. Jon. what a sad sad day. There is no justice for Trayvon. As a lifelong native Floridian. I am embarrassed by the sheer stupidity of our "justice" system. Between the hanging chads and the inability to count a ballot fairly in two elections, then the juries of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, I hang my head in shame. The gun-toting NRA loving boneheads are living it up at the expense of our children. For shame Florida, for shame.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took so long to post it, but we just got back from New Orleans. They too shake their heads in disbelief.

  2. Why does this crazy $#!+ always happen in Florida? Color me disgusted.