Friday, June 28, 2013

Draft Wendy Davis For Texas Governor

Editor's preface: The SOG City Oracle remains committed to our objective of devoting our time, talents, and taste receptors to comestibles, or what some might think of as just food. There is no such thing as 'just' food unless you have had your buds of taste surgically removed.

As important to our quality of life as is food, there are other more important qualities, such as human rights. It is imperative for all male humans to recognize that those of the female persuasion are also humans and, if they choose, have the capabilities to rise up and rip the balls off of assholes like Rick Perry.

The SOG City Oracle supports people like Wendy Davis:

On June 25, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis stood for 13 hours to filibuster against Texas Republicans’ War on Women. She did us proud, and it’s time that we made her governor of Texas.

Current Republican Gov. Rick Perry may run for an unprecedented fourth term. A hypothetical poll in January had Sen. Davis trailing Gov. Perry by only six points––despite the fact that she had virtually no name recognition at the time. With changing demographics shaking up the Texas electorate, and Republicans continuously alienating millions of voters, Texas is ready to turn blue.

Please sign the petition drafting Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis to run for governor in 2014.

The Oracle has friends in Texas, at least one, and we feel the grand state can do better than Perry. We feel your pain. We have a Perry clone, the prick with ears, Rick Scott.


  1. Jon: I will gladly--and with malice aforethought--sign your petition to draft Wendy Davis for governor of Texas. The Lone Star State is long overdue for state government that will legislate on behalf of all its citizens and to do away with the single-party power brokers that inhabit every state office at this time. Just a thought.....

    That said, however, there is concern that she would have to give up her senate seat to run for governor next year. I am wondering if she could retain her senate seat in the 2014 election while being promoted as a write-in candidate for governor at the same time.

    1. My understanding is that a Texas senator who draws a four-year term can run for election to another office in 2014 without giving up her or his Senate seat.

      But with a two-year term, if Davis runs for governor in 2014, she wouldn’t be able to seek re-election to her Senate seat in the same election.

      I may be wrong, but either way, I wish her well. This country needs people like her in pubic office.

      And, if Texas decides they don't want her then please send her to Florida.

  2. And yes, Jon, the Oracle does indeed have friends in Texas, at least one . . . :-)