Monday, May 27, 2013

Food And Art

The Tampa Museum of Art is featuring Faded Elegance: Photographs of Havana by Michael Eastman, between now and September 15. Besides my beautiful bride I don't know what inspires me more, great food or great photography. I love both!

Yesterday, she and I journeyed downtown to the museum to view Eastman's photos. To call those works "photos" is almost a disservice. Those 6 feet by 7 pictures were grand images that seemed so real that we felt as though we could step inside the picture frame and be there. This is a "must see" exhibit.

Photo courtesy of TMA, frame from my digital darkroom.

We arrived at the museum a little before noon and decided to get a bite to eat before enjoying Eastman's work. In addition to housing several very interesting exhibits, the museum is also home to the Sono Café, embracing "the ‘Slow Food Movement,’ which counters fast food, and fast life, and invites guests to slow down and enjoy their dining experience with all the sensations that accompany the consumption of good food and quality ingredients in a comforting environment."

Sono was everything it claimed to be with light, but filling foods in a bright airy setting. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. We chose to dine indoors and were promptly seated at what could serve as a community table had there been a large crowd.

We began our lunch with a couple of glasses of Prosecco to get us in the mood for food and later an inspiring exhibit. To accompany our wine we shared a Meat and Cheese Board with several varieties of meats and cheeses, marinated olives, flat bread, and fig preserves. This was an exceptional start to our Sono introduction.

For her main dish, the Belle requested the Egg Panini with Mortadella and Provolone cheeses. When asked how she liked this panini, my bride replied, "It was excellent!"

While she was enjoying her panini, I was in swoon mode over the artistically presented House Cured Salmon with capers, pickled red onion, and mascarpone on pumpernickel.

Sono Cafe is a Mise en Place production which probably accounts for the delicious food and superior service.

A visit to the Tampa Museum of Art is highly recommended and to enhance the experience a stop at Sono should be de rigueur. Food, four glasses of Prosecco, and a 20% gratuity came to $79 and some change.

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