Monday, April 1, 2013

Outtakes From Atlanta

We flew up to Atlanta the weekend before last for two nights of feasting at a couple of cutting edge restaurants. The food photos I took have already been posted on my reviews of The Optimist, the South City Kitchen, and Steamhouse Lounge.

I took a few additional shots while in Atlanta, what I refer to as outtakes since they were never intended for the restaurant reviews. It seemed a shame to just delete those pictures, so I took them with me in to my digital darkroom and played with them.

Here are the results (good, bad, or indifferent):

Parking Space - from 12th floor Marriott midtown.
Get Your Legs Done - 14th Street and West Peachtree
Sphere on 14th - midtown Atlanta
The Pyramid on 14th
Looking Up - 14th and Crescent
Tiptoe Through The Atlanta Tulips
Bloomin' Tulip
Happy April first, y'all.

Ooops! Forgot a photo, though this one didn't come from Atlanta. This picture was taken by my bride at the Seabreeze Ybor after she  asked, "How on Earth do you eat frog?"

So, I showed her - you put one little leg over your right ear and the other over your left, and voilĂ !

Yeah, I should probably be ashamed of myself, but I am just too damned old for such as that.

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