Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Road Trip To Parts Of Paris

"Mon dieu monsieur, Paris is such a big city, tell us what parts of Paris?" you query. Certainement, the Belle of Ballast Point and I went to Parts of Paris Bistro at 146 4th Avenue North in Safety Harbor, Florida yesterday evening.

Parts of Paris is a homey place situated on a quiet tree-lined street a few blocks off the main drag, coincidentally enough, called Main Street. We were warmly greeted the moment we entered the outdoor seating area.

The Belle and I arrived a little past the start of five o'clock dinner service, so we had our choice of indoor or outdoor seating. We chose to dine indoors even though the weather was perfect for patio dining.

Main dining room looking back toward the POP Wine Bar.
Paris looked empty upon our early arrival, but it did not stay that way for long, and reservations are de rigueur.

Chris was our server and chef-in-training for the evening, offering excellent advice on menu choices for food and wine, and giving us a little background on Parts of Paris. For instance, the chef de cuisine, sous chef, and most of the kitchen staff are under 25 years of age. As the evening progressed we continued to be amazed that these people could perfect their craft at such an young age.

While perusing the food menu, my bride and I decided to start our evening with two glasses of Pierre Chainier, Brut, a sparkling wine from France with notes of fruit, floral and elegance.

The appetizer menu was a challenge for me - which delectable delight do I choose? I finally homed in on the pork belly...or, maybe the frog legs. I love both! Chris said both were excellent, but the Poitrine de Porc, pork belly, cured egg yolk, apple mostarda, with braised greens was his favorite.

All I could think when that crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside belly hit my tongue, was heaven on a plate. That, and I could have saved myself a trip to Atlanta last week where I had a similar dish at the South City Kitchen. Which was better? It's a close call, but Safety Harbor is a lot closer than Atlanta. The pork with greens and apple mustard was divine.

My bride also experienced a conundrum when deciding on an appetizer, but finally chose the Steak Tartare Classique, a melt in the mouth chopped tenderloin with the classic condiments, and the cutest little quail egg. C'est magnifique!

After devouring our appetizers, it was time to face more difficult decisions. Should we order the Ribeye, Steak au Poivre, Boeuf Bourguignon, Lamb Racks, Pan-Seared Duck Breast, or the Bouillabaisse. Any one of those would give our taste buds a tingle, but Chris suggested two of his favorites. He had yet to steer us in the wrong direction.

I still salivate over my Ribeye with roasted mushrooms, blue cheese, butter braised turnips, and  savory jus. Chris said medium would be the perfect temperature for this steak and he was correct - tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor.

My dining partner achieved gastronomic nirvana with her Steak au Poivre, a filet mignon served with creamy green peppercorn sauce, pommes frites and sugar snaps.

I still have to question French fries at a high end restaurant, but 'when in Paris'.

To accompany our entrées we enjoyed a bottle of Chilean Mont Gras Reserve, a smooth, velvety, Cabernet Saivignon with hints of blackberry cassis, and chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate - dessert was a light and flavorful Mousse au Chocolat which paired quite well with the last of our Mont Gras.

Food, wine, and service were all outstanding at Parts of Paris which makes a return visit a part of our future.

Our total bill came to a very reasonable $153.01. Chris deserved the 20% gratuity we added to that total.

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Editor's note: The Oracle dines anonymously and we do not trade glorious reviews for free food and booze.

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