Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ten Years After And I'm Still Not Ready

At a Dixie Chicks concert in London on the eve of the Iraq war in 2003, singer Natalie Maines told the crowd she was "ashamed" that Mr. Bush came from her home state, Texas. The Chicks were banned from many US radio stations and received death threats after making their controversial comments.

At the Grammy ceremony four years later, their single Not Ready to Make Nice - including lyrics like "I'm not ready to back down, I'm still mad as hell" - was named song of the year and record of the year. It also picked up best country performance by a duo or group.

Their haul was completed by best album as well as best country album for Taking The Long Way.

"That's interesting," Maines said on accepting one award. "Well, to quote the great Simpsons: 'Heh-heh.'"

Bandmate Emily Robison added: "We wouldn't have done this album without everything we went through, so we have no regrets.

I agree with Natalie, and like her I am not ready to forgive and forget. Over a hundred thousand human lives were lost in that damn unfunded Bush vanity war, and Bush still is a free man. That makes me mad as hell. He, Cheney, and their co-conspirators need to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

Until they do, I will remain mad as hell.

(Special thanks to Ybor Stogie for the reminder and the story idea)

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