Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pondering Potatoes - Does Size Matter?

Have you ever found yourself weighing in your mind, with thoroughness and care, the size of that potato in your pantry? Me neither, but someone did do a prodigious amount of potato pondering.

The website how big is my potato? did some serious research on the subject. I visited this site and found myself totally distracted from my planned activities today. My first thought was, "I wonder if it really works?"

Possessing an inquiring mind, I had to test the accuracy of this potato tool. First, of course, I had to procure a potato. I discovered three potatoes, not one potato, or two potatoes, but three potatoes, and no more.

Two potatoes were of the sweet variety while one was not. I chose the lone potato since it more closely matched the one on the website. I don't know if it makes a difference.

My next step was to go the the website and simply follow their instructions.

First, I calibrated the screen using a credit card. You will notice that the website has a disclaimer disavowing any responsibility for damage to your computer screen or keyboard due to your own incompetence. So, be forewarned.

Next, I held my potato up to the computer screen, skinny side facing out, and adjusted the screen to match my potato. I received immediate gratification:

 My potato registered 610 grams, or 1.345 pounds. I suppose you could look at the cooking time as sort of a benchmark depending on whether you bake, boil, or nuke the tater. I didn't cook mine, so I will have to take that 10:10 with a grain of salt. The energy is the nutritional energy you get from eating this spud.

I may have to cook and eat this potato just to replenish the energy I burned with this experiment, and I am not done quite yet.

How accurate is how big is my potato?

As you can see, my potato weighed in at approximately 14 ounces, not 1.345 pounds. In all fairness I should mention that the postal scale has been resting in the utility room for some thirty years, so we might question its accuracy. I suppose we could assume that this is a reasonable margin of error.

Like me, I am sure that you will bookmark how big is my potato, so the next time someone asks, "Just how big is that there tater of yours?" you can whip out an answer, and wow! them with your computer skills.

Editor's note: Comments along the line of, "Get a life!" will not be appreciated nor published. That goes for you too, dear.

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