Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Honey, Shall We Dine In Tonight?

I have, of late, been perusing other people's food blogs hoping to find helpful hints on how to present a few of my recipes that the Belle of Ballast Point has said were superior to some restaurant fare we have had over the last year or two. I am getting to be quite the chef de cuisine in the Ballast Point kitchen.

And then...I repeat, and then I discovered this most delightful idea for dinner tonight:

I rushed out to Publix, where shopping is an adventure, and bought a couple cans of beans, a package of weenies, and a can of Hersey's chocolate (the women folk really dig chocolate) - we already have bananas and whipped cream for dessert. The Belle is in for a gastronosmic treat - I bet.

I might ought to have skipped the weenies.

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