Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Cool Seabreeze In Ybor City

Editor's update 9/4/2013: There must be a curse on this location in Ybor. The Seabreeze has permanently closed. They did not live long and prosper.

The last time my bride and I sat at our special table in this little outdoor spot at 1607 North 17th Street in Why-bo (that's Ybor City to thems that aren't in the know) we had a couple of Hot Willy's weenies.

Today was a new day with new treats for the buds of taste. Willy's is gone, but in it's place is one of the Grandsons of the original Seabreeze Restaurant on Causeway Boulevard - the Seabreeze Ybor.

Since the Belle of Ballast Point and I were the first customers of the day we were invited to sit where we pleased and one of the staff brought menus and a couple of brewskis that we had requested right to our table.

Seabreeze Ybor has chicken wings, hamburgers and other sandwich choices, small and large fried baskets, wraps and sides. I knew what I wanted right from the git-go, the famous Seabreeze original hand made devil crab. Be still, my thumpin' gizzard! I hadn't had one of those in years, but it was still sinfully good. With a little splash of hot sauce it was heavenly.

My bride had been craving a burger, so she went with the cheesburger with extra crispy fries that she declared was perfectly prepared and delicious.

I am a aficionado of swamp food, and frog legs are one of my absolute favorites. I requested a large basket that consisted of moist, tasty, fried to perfection legs of frog, with the crispy fries, and a couple of the best hush puppies I can remember in a long time.

Accompanying this delightful basket of goodness was a little tub of a very savory mustard based sauce. I am assuming it was for dipping the frog legs, but let me just say that those frog legs needed nothing to enhance their flavor. The sauce was good with the puppies, though.

With all that belly busting food and four beers, our bill came in at a little under $40. Since we had table service we tacked on a tip.

I hope they live long and prosper.

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