Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Dine Of The New Year

...was lunch New Year's day at The Bungalow on West Kennedy here in the Big Guava. I could wax poetic ad nauseum about the decor, but I'm about the food, not the interior design. If you click on the link you will get a good idea of what to expect. We had a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. We chose indoor.

This was apparently a wise decision, for soon after we were seated, a large party nearby got up and moved to a different section of the restaurant. We were concerned that we might have annoyed them somehow, though we finally decided that we were no more annoying than usual. Oh well! We resumed our tippling.

A few minutes later they were driven back in by a brisk wind chill and re-seated themselves with much laughter and joviality - mentioning that their next relocate would occur in five minutes. It was a good crowd and that set the mood for our visit to The Bungalow - a friendly place with good food and happy people.

After perusing a menu that leans toward Cuban styled cuisine, which really isn't an overwhelming favorite of mine (I know, shame on me), I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular, but was I ever wrong.

What you are drooling over in the photo is the Mojo Bowl with mojo shredded pork. This was a deceptively deep dish of white rice topped with black beans, roasted tomato salsa, chopped onion, and a drizzle of avocado lime crema. You have a choice of shredded chicken or mojo pork. Trust me, get the pork! It gets the double love stamp.

This is a real belly buster and the tender, juicy pork with perfectly prepared black beans and a rich, savory crema sauce was probably the best Cubano inspired dish that I have ever consumed. My bride, the Belle of Ballast Point, could not keep her fork out of my Mojo Bowl. It was really that good.

Speaking of  the Belle, she was trying to save herself for my planned New Years dinner tonight of braised pork belly resting on a bed of black eyed peas, a side of home grown turnips with greens, and some corny corn bread. As a consequence, she ordered the Key West Salad.

What can I say about a salad? It is what it is, but the greens were very fresh and crisp. This was definitely not a typical house salad. My bride was pleased, and when my bride is pleased...everyone is pleased.

Whether the salad was a filling repast we will never know since she could not keep from forking my Mojo Bowl. Actually, I appreciated the help - that was a tazón grande mojo. Big and good!

Our bill for food and adult beverages totaled $35.56. We tacked on 20% for Katie, our charming and efficient server.

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