Friday, January 4, 2013

A Happy Postal Moment

I had a most pleasant experience a little while ago at the post office. I dropped in to mail a package and pick up the mail. Amongst the bills and junk there was a letter from Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association.

My first thought was to immediately add the envelope to the trash bin, but then I thought, "Why not see what this douche bag has to say." Wayne told me in the cover letter that as a fellow god fearing, gun owning, Obama hating American patriot it was my duty to fill out the enclosed questionnaire prepared by the NRA.

I can only imagine the type of questions being asked since I didn't bother reading this document. I did look for a nice fairly large area on the face of the questionnaire that provided enough room to write in bold letters:

Please Wayne - GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Then I stuffed the document into the postage paid, self-addressed envelope provided by the NRA and sent it on its way. That may be viewed as a rather juvenile response, but it made me feel better. And, that's what was important.

I may be a gun owner, but that does not automatically make me a supporter of the NRA or anything they stand for. The NRA needs to be politically castrated and marginalized. Let them exist as a gun club, not a major political force.

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