Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holy Crap - Sunday Edition - Day 2

Editor's notation: I updated this post on Monday 11/19/2012 due to lack of interest yesterday (i.e. no buyers).

Today's Oracle should be (I said SHOULD be) a real treat for art collectors the world over. I have a deal of near orgasmic import.

But first:

Sotheby's sold a Mark Rothko abstract for $75 million recently in a contemporary-art auction whose total—$375 million—surpassed any in its company history. Fittingly, the Rothko painting is titled, "No. 1 (Royal Red & Blue)."

Now for the deal of the decade.

The SOG City Oracle has recently acquired an original Rector titled "A No. 2 in Red, Green & Yellow." Actually, I painted it this past Sunday it with digital brushes on my home computer, but what the hell - it's still an original, and a fine example of a real No. 2 piece of art.

This original Rector No. 2 can be yours for a mere $50 million $50. You get this epitome of No. 2 at this low price because it doesn't have as many rectangles as Rothko's piece, and I didn't get a single nibble at 50 mil. Whasup wid dat?

Include your name and address plus bank account and routing number in the comments form and this masterpiece will be yours to hang with your other great treasures like the velvet Elvis.

Yes, I know - I am just too good to you.

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