Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hang Down Your Head Trevor Dooley

Right up front: my apologies to the Kingston Trio.

Yesterday I wrote that Trevor Dooley was looking at a thirty year sentence for the shooting death of David James over a skateboard incident. What I overlooked was the fact that the Florida sentencing guidelines can be very forgiving even in the face of a homicide.

It seems the judge has the latitude to impose a sentence anywhere from ten to thirty years or, if Dooley appears contrite enough, just reduce the sentence to probation with no jail time.

Yepper, just hang down your head Trevor Dooley and tell the judge how gosh darn sorry you are that the jury was made up of a bunch of bone heads who were too dumb to recognize the wisdom of carrying a deadly weapon to confront a teenager on a skateboard. Besides which, that little ole .32 caliber bullet didn't punch that big a hole in that dead guy's heart - so, just pardon the hell out of me.

The fate of Dooley now rests with Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Ashley Moody.

Editor's update 1/18/2012: The judge gave him eight years, but at least Dooley doesn't get off without prison time. He's seventy so this might wind up being a death sentence depending on the outcome of the appeals.

I've got to ask, "So, Dooley, how's that Florida stand your ground law working out for you so far?"


  1. I was in the Courtroom, I was an alternate in the jury. There is a lot left out on his story, especially what the media has said about him. It's pretty interesting actually.

    1. Since the trial is over, I don't suppose you would be willing to share a few details? Some of my readers would probably be interested - and, I know I would.

      Thanks for your comment.