Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Gift From God

No part of rape is "a gift from God."

A Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate has claimed that raped women should be forced to carry their rapist's baby to term because their pregnancy - a result of rape - is a "gift from God."

Richard Mourdock is a Tea Party Republican who defeated incumbent Republican Senator Richard Lugar in a surprise upset in Indiana's primary election for U.S. Senate. He is currently in a dead heat with the Democratic challenger - the latest polls are within the margin of error.

Mourdock's exact words, in the debate with his Democratic opponent, were: I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen.

Maybe it's just me being cranky in my old age, but I think that God, in all of her wisdom, should intend to give this misogynist ass-hole a long term gift that he will never forget. And, how the hell do butt-plugs like Mourdock and Todd Akin get elected anyway? Is this what Christian conservative women believe or want for themselves. Is this the kind of human garbage America wants to see in Congress?

Apparently so, because Mourdock got a glowing endorsement from another Republican political aspirant (i.e. douche bag): Mitt the Twit got his shorts in a wad over that video endorsement, so it was removed. But make no mistake, it was a Romney endorsement.

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