Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Feral Cat Day

Oh my gosh, it was yesterday and I missed it! My only excuse is that I had no idea there was such a thing as National Feral Cat Day, yet here we sit in the paradise that is SOG City with our very own feral cats.

I'd like to say we went out and got a couple especially to celebrate their special day, but that would be an untruth. The truth is that back in June we noticed a feral mom cat with four tiny little kittens frolicking next door and sometimes in our yard.

Over the next week or two we would see mom and three kittens. Not too much later we found another kitten dead in the front yard. We were now down to a mom with two kittens. The situation seriously deteriorated when we realized there was no more mom.

We decided to try feeding the two remaining kittens by placing a tin of cat food near a fence opening at the side of our house. We could keep an eye out for the little buggers from the TV room window. It was a relief to see that they were able to eat real food, and were doing just that.

The kittens wouldn't allow us anywhere near them and would only show themselves when they were sure we were gone.

That was then, and now five months later, Skinny and Fuzzy still don't like us, but they now tolerate us being on "their" patio. We are allowed to sit in their rocking chairs and on their lounge chairs - occasionally.

At one time we would only see these two during breakfast and dinner - theirs, not ours. Now they seem to lounge around the backyard most all the time. I went out around noon yesterday and disturbed Fuzzy, and then found myself apologizing.

My bride and I know our places.

Skinny is the runt of the litter and is a boy. He has always acted like a boy, but now we can see two signs of boyhood. Looking at our two ferals it is hard to believe they are siblings. Fuzzy is, well fuzzy, with a tail the envy of cats everywhere. We are pretty sure Fuzzy is female, but she is so fuzzy we can't be real sure. She acts like a female. I won't elaborate on that because the Belle of Ballast Point reads the Oracle, and I don't want to be apologizing to her, too.

Fuzzy tends to be moody and somewhat stand-offish. Skinny, on the other hand, is at a point where we can feed him special treats out of hand. He now expects - nay, demands special treats, and since we are but the hired help...

I dare you to wiggle that toe again.

More treats - NOW!

'bout time!

The Princess
So, happy belated National Feral Cat Day to Skinny and Fuzzy.

We shan't mention our next planned milestone - caging our fuzzy friends for a trip to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Shhhhhh!

Because of some irresponsible shithead in the neighborhood Skinny and Fuzzy are feral. We don't intend to perpetuate the problem.

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