Saturday, October 27, 2012

Morning Sunshine On Gandy

Editor's update: I was truly disappointed to discover that the Sunshine Cafe had closed. I am not a breakfast person, but I did enjoy a breakfast at the Sunshine. The food was good, in a typical American breakfast kind of way, and the servers were friendly and efficient. It is always a sad day when a local business closes.

Rare is the day when the Belle of Ballast Point and I get up early on a Saturday or a Sunday morning to go anywhere. This Saturday was special! Early voting in Florida started today so we rousted ourselves from a soft, warm, cozy...zzzzzzzzz...snork...I'm awake...bed to exercise our Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

We performed our civic duty and were done by 7:30. It was then my bride spake, "You do know you are taking me to breakfast, don't you?" Well, hell yeah, I'm no dummy - I can take a hint - I knew that. So off we went to the Sunshine Cafe. The Oracle is always pleased to welcome a new restaurant to SOG City, even though breakfast is not my most favorite meal of the day.

The Sunshine Cafe is located on the south side of Gandy, so technically it is in SOG City. The cafe is situated in the building that formerly housed a Papa John's and a Blockbuster. The dining area is clean and bright, and the staff is most attentive without being overbearing. If a server from another table was refilling someone's coffee cup, ours got a refill too.

The menu was novel in the sense that while there were the expected breakfast choices there were a number of offerings with a decidedly Greek influence. The same was true of the luncheon choices with Greek specialties like pork or chicken souvlaki, spanikopita, a gyro plate, as well as Philly steaks, hoagies, and salads. The only thing missing for me was a glass of cold retsina. Alcohol isn't served.

We were there for breakfast, so my bride ordered two eggs with the home fries and a side of pancakes. I didn't take a picture of the pancakes because I figured if you've seen one flapjack then you pretty much know what they look like.

Ever the adventurous diner, I chose the Greek omelet with tomatoes, onion, and feta cheese, plus a side of home fries.

Both breakfast selections were good. They were filling. The service was excellent, and the prices were reasonable. We got out of there for about $14 plus a three dollar tip.

I just can't get too excited about American breakfasts, but there was certainly nothing wrong with anything we ordered. If you are a breakfast person, I do not feel that you will be disappointed by the Sunshine Cafe.

Lunch sounded a lot more exciting to me. Now, if there was a glass of retsina to go with that Combo Plate, we'd be good to go.

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