Monday, October 29, 2012

Hymn For Her - NOT

The Oracle loves Hymn For Her, and this is the latest from Lucy and Wayne:

Abbey Roadkill
Did you know that Big Ben is NOT the name of the famous London clock?
Jolly Ho from good ole England where we've been spotted nestling in bars hugging pints, frolicking in beautiful gardens and whistling a happy tune in foggy, rainy, grey London town. We have been in the UK for over 5 weeks now making new friends and fans, lying in streets (we did NOT get hit by that double decker bus, thanks to PC, our tour manager. He takes his job very seriously). Tomorrow morning we will board a train that takes us through a tunnel and over to Germany, Austria and Switzerland where we will tour for 3 weeks. Then we will return to the UK for a week of shows before flying back to the USA. For all our shows, click our TOUR PAGE, and check in often for updates.

Tonight we finished a music video for the song, NOT. It was filmed late this summer in Maine. We thought it was good timing with Halloween and Mischief night and all. Don't watch if you are afraid of ghosts. This will be the last video for our album, 'Lucy & Wayne and THE amAIRican STREAM'. Our next release is due out this Spring 2013. This video is dedicated to our dog Pokey, who went off to fly in the clouds this summer. We miss him immensely, but he travels now as our spirit dog and stays right by our hearts as he did when he was alive. 

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