Thursday, October 4, 2012

Has Anyone Found A Missing Set Of Brass Balls?

Last night at the debate, President Obama handed in a real puss-wad performance. We weren't able to take more than a hour of Obama's disengagement. How very, very disappointing!

We are still going to vote for Obama - there is no alternative. Romney is a flip-flopping clusterfuck who cannot be trusted at three in the morning or any other time. But, is there anyone with balls enough to take Romney to task - for real?

Someone, anyone, please step forward.


  1. If you gotta borrow from china to pay for PBS how do you justify the 480 Million bucks ? and honestly if we cant even cut PBS what the hell is the govt going to cut? we gotta cut something and its not going to be medicare or military or welfare??? I'm not a Romney fan but he does have this one right

    1. So you are saying the $480 mil is going to make a difference?

      And, "what the hell is government going to cut" is a really dandy question that Mitt the Twit is obfuscating on today - less than a month until the election.

      Romney has stated there will be no change in Medicare, Social Security, education, and defense spending - plus a plan to lower taxes by 20% across the board. He claims that by repealing Obamacare he will save billions, but that has proven to be a lie.

      The Romney plan is to reduce taxes, close unspecified loopholes, and build more ships and submarines for the Navy along with other equipment the Pentagon doesn't even want, but somehow the deficit will miraculously be reduced.

      I can't see anything that Romney has right. $480,000,000 is a drop in the deficit bucket and that is the best Romney can come up with? You gotta be shiting me!