Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Update Our Friend, The Iguana

Those who have read my previous review of the original Green Iguana on South Westshore know that in Belize the iguana is referred to as the bamboo chicken, a dietary staple.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how gastronomically adventurous you are, the Green Iguana does not serve iguana but they do have a very tasty selection of menu items that just beg for your attention.

We have tasted and enjoyed the Sugar Cane Shrimp Margarita, the Freakin' Patty Melt (seriously, that is how it is listed), and the Ba Da Bing Burger. All three of these items are fantastic, but that Ba Da Bing Burger was scrumptious. It was tender, juicy, flavorful, and cooked the way I like it. The au jus kept flowing down my arms trying to dribble off my elbows. Plenty of napkins are required.

After our hike this morning for physical fitness it just seemed logical to assuage our ravenous hunger at the Iguana. There is nothing like an ice cold brew and a burger to undo all of the good things accomplished through strenuous exercise.

Since we have practically committed the menu to memory it came as a bit of a surprise to finally notice The Greek burger - a seasoned beef patty cooked to order (medium rare for me) with sun-dried tomato mayo, Feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, onions, marinated cucumber and Tzatziki on crisp ciabatta.

Oh my gawd, was that ever an orgasmically delicious burger. I still quiver at the memory.

I had a choice of potato skin wedgie fries or regular fries. I chose the regular - extra crispy, please.

In the interest of low-cal healthy eating, my bride, the Belle of Ballast Point chose a salad for her noon time repast.

She chose a beauty from the Signature Salads menu - The Harvest, baby field greens with candied walnuts, crisp apple, sun-dried cranberries and Blue cheese. Served with a light raspberry vinaigrette.

If you haven't been to the Iguana in awhile I highly recommend a visit to try out their tasty menu.

I don't mean the menu is tasty. It's plastic, for gosh sake. But the menu choices are really spectacular. The Iguana ratchets bar food up a notch or three.

Service has always been excellent. Of course, it doesn't hurt that we have gotten to know several of the servers as friends over the years.

And, no, to my knowledge no one at the Iguana knows that I write reviews and blog about food. The subject has never come up. We just go for the food and neighborhood friendly atmosphere.

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