Thursday, September 6, 2012

Religious Freedom Amendment: It's Time Has Come

Official Announcement

The Right Reverend Rector, the rector of the Holy Church of the Goddamned Right I'll Have Another Beer, is gearing up to apply for his share of your tax dollars. Said Rector Rector, "I fully believe that there are enough Florida voters who are so out of touch with reality that Amendment 8 will pass with flying colors, and I want some of that there money."

Amendment 8 if you recall is the so-called “Religious Freedom” Amendment. Opponents say it isn’t about Religious Freedom at all. Floridians who don't have their heads firmly implanted in their anal orifices say that Amendment 8 actually allows the government to give our tax dollars to any group claiming to be a religious organization. 

"The Holy Church of the Goddamned Right I'll Have Another Beer is one of those organizations because one of the tenets of this here Goddamned Church is to religiously consume vast quantities of beer in the name of some invisible higher power in the sky," spaketh Rector Rector. Continuing with his rant, he slurred, "Every other crack pot, Bible thumping hypocrite in the state is going to be waving that so-called 'Good Book' in the air demanding government shekels, and I wants me a piece of the action."

Click HERE if you would like more information on Amendment 8. As for me, I am going to anoint my insides with that holiest of water that we call beer.

Tchin tchin, y'all!


  1. "Beer!! It's not just for breakfast anymore."

    Have one to our continued good health, Jon. :-))

    1. Bill, it is always a treat to hear from you, and yes I will go out this evening with the Belle of Ballast Point and we will both drink to your good health as well as ours.

      Another friend once explained to me the importance of beer to our health and well-being. Said he, "There is food value in beer, but there is no beer value in food."