Friday, September 7, 2012

Raw Power And Emotion In Song

I was looking for a bluesy kinda song to wrap up this week when I came across a real gem - a cover of the Janis Joplin cry to take another little Piece of My Heart. Melissa Etheridge displays so much power and emotion in her rendition that the listener can not just hear the words, but can feel the pain.

Alas, Sony Music, EMI, and others have now started blocking YouTube videos from being played on "certain" web sites. Now a viewer is redirected back to YouTube. That is what happened to the Etheridge video I had wanted to embed in the Oracle. I decided to scrap the idea, but I was curious to know why this was happening.

Apparently it has to do with copyright issues. I will state emphatically right up front that I have no problem with the strict enforcement of copyright laws. What bothers me is the concept of "certain" web sites without defining "certain". This blockage of YouTube videos could be counter productive to those in the music business.

Take the SOG City Oracle as an example. I like to entertain my readers (both of them) with artists and songs that may highlight a point or just entertain. I get no money from this and only profit from the thrill of introducing artists, music genres, and songs that may have been ignored by the mainstream, and reintroducing material that has slipped through the cracks of time.

Several other bloggers that I follow, The Liberal Curmudgeon and Whatever Works, do the same thing. There is no profit motive here, and it is a shame that legitimate blogs and web sites are being penalized by the crooks, or YouTube, or the publishers. I am not sure to whom I should give the finger.

On a really happy note, I found the Melissa Etheridge video on that was blocked on YouTube, and I am pleased to present it here:

The Oracle is still getting nothing out of this video but personal satisfaction. Melissa Etheridge rocks my world!

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