Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Inciting To Riot: What Say You Rubio?

The Republican boy-toy Rubio has condemned as senseless the mob attacks in Libya and Egypt that resulted in the death of a U.S. ambassador and three of his staff members.

Said Marco the senatorial toddler, “The Libyan and Egyptian people should understand that the U.S. shares their commitment to building more hopeful and prosperous nations. However, if left unchecked, violent attacks like these against our embassies and diplomats will lead Libya and Egypt down a dark path and rob them of their hopes of a more prosperous and democratic future. The broader publics in Libya and Egypt should condemn the violence and distance themselves from the unruly and intolerant elements of their society that threaten the security and future of their nations.”

While I was reminded of the adage about people living in glass houses, nowhere in Rubio's blatherings was any mention made of the rabble rousing film maker-in-hiding whose celluloid jism-squirt of intolerance led to the mob attacks, nor did Rubio condemn Florida's own spawn of the sewer rat, Terry Jones, the senior Turdster of Doofus World Outreach Center in Gainesville.

Jones said he supports and is promoting the film criticizing Islam that has sparked worldwide outrage from Muslims. This enema of God who is known for his virulent opposition to Islam, issued a statement on his website defending the film Innocence of Muslim, directed by Sam Bacile of California.

This brings me back to the point of Rubio and his glaring lack of condemnation of these two self-righteous rubes whose actions contributed to the death of four Americans on foreign shores.

Inciting to riot is a crime in these United States: Inciting to riot is a distinct crime, the gist of which is that it instigates a breach of the peace, even though the parties might have initially assembled for an innocent purpose. It means using language, signs, or conduct to lead or cause others to engage in conduct that, if completed, becomes a riot.

So, Rubio, what say you?

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