Friday, September 14, 2012

Enlightenment In 21st Century America

We will have none of that there enlightenment crap in this here United States if the Teabilly Anal Swab Republicans have their way. The Evangelicals all across America are doing their best to push this country back to the Dark Ages, and in many places they are winning.

The following video clip from the Spencer Tracy movie Inherit the Wind begs for the answer to the very relevant question, why are we still in the dark? For the answer you should probably direct the question to the Republican Teabilly funsters who would march this country backward through a thousand years of darkness to the grand old days of lynch mobs, witch burning, stoning, and various other Pol Pot inspired purges of the enlightened.

This 1960 film is based on a real-life case in 1925, with two great lawyers arguing the case for and against a science teacher accused of the crime of teaching evolution. It could have been taken from the 21st Century Republican Promise to America or the Evangelical Taliban of America's interpretation of the Word of God, what some euphemistically call the Bible.

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