Monday, August 6, 2012

The Growing Puddles Of Stupid

Climate change deniers (mostly Republican - go figure) are also the weep and moan hand wringers who are so worried about the national debt placing a huge burden on their children and grandchildren. These weepy-pants Republicans and their filthy rich puppet-masters are stressing over the future financial burden that this generation will be dumping on future generations.

What simply boggles my mind is that these very same people who are worrying about a financial future care not an iota about the future of our planet. The Earth we all live on today will be the same Earth inherited by our children and grandchildren. A great concern to all of us who reside on this planet must be the condition of this home we hand down to future generations.

The concerns over the financial situation of our descendants loses a great deal of importance if these people of the future have no water to drink or air to breath. Even if the concerns over global warming were false or inflated, would it not make sense to err on the side of caution? Apparently not for the Koch brothers and their ilk.

Thankfully for our planet and the people of future generations, a voice of reason has emerged from the shadows cast by a mountain of Koch cash. A prominent climate-change denier now admits he was wrong. Astrophysics Professor Richard A. Muller says his doubts about previous climate change studies vanished after reviewing intensive research involving a dozen scientists. Muller now says global warming is real, and he goes a step further, saying humans are almost entirely the cause.

I have no doubt the skeptics will remain skeptical. The religious extremists will quote some bizarre passage from their holy book of delusions, and the super rich who think more about money than breathable air and drinkable water will continue to sit contentedly on their riches.

Why should either of these factions care about the planet? The Evangelicals know that their god will save them (it's god's will and all), and the rich of today won't be around to see the damage they have left for their precious offspring and their offspring. And, to quote a Maria Muldaur song, "Dem dat don't know, don't know dey don't know."

How sad that this country is wallowing in ever growing puddles of stupid.

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