Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Growing Puddles Of Stupid - Part 2

For the last year or so we have been receiving unsolicited magazines here at our SOG City hacienda. Some immediately go in the recycle bin and some we actually read first. The latest publication to land in our mail box is the July issue of Popular Science. The arrival of this publication came at a most opportune time as I had just posted a piece on global warming and those who would deny the mere possibility.

This issue of Popular Science had an entire section devoted to The Future of the Environment. If you are the least bit concerned about the future of planet Earth you might want to pick up a copy, the condensed version of which boils down to a very grim future. Even if we take action today, the future looks grim. If we wait a couple of years to do something other than deny global warming, the damage to our planet will be - not may be - irreversable.

"We no longer have a choice about whether to confront major changes already in the works. By the end of this century, sea levels will rise, drought will spread, and millions of animals, human and otherwise, will be driven from their homes." Wasn't it Led Zeppelin who sang that when the levee breaks "...cryin' won't help you and prayin' will do you no good"? Of course, if you have the Koch brothers kind of money you can keep moving to higher ground - for awhile.

A temperature rise of  "7.2°, which could conceivably arrive as early as 2060, would mean a planet that was hotter than at any time in the past 10 million years. By 2100, sea levels would rise by as much as six feet, leaving hundreds of millions of the world’s coast-dwellers homeless, even as huge swaths of the ocean itself became 'dead zones.' Glaciers and coral reefs would largely vanish from the planet."

Within a hundred years New York City's subway system will be flooded. "If change becomes self-sustaining, our children and grandchildren will inherit an atmosphere irreversibly out of control, with inexorably rising temperatures that could, according to one recent study, render half of Earth’s currently occupied land uninhabitable—literally too hot to bear—by 2300."

All is not doom and gloom though. Looking at the bright side, all living humans on the face of the Earth today will probably be dead in 288 years, so we will miss all the excitement - hunger, thirst, and human misery. We will leave that for our descendants - the children and grandchildren the Republicans are so concerned about. But then again, as the lunatics on the right are constantly preaching, that science mumbo jumbo is just pure hog wash.

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