Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank Gawd For The NRA

If only more gunslingers had been involved in this latest blood bath, how happy would the NRA be?

NEW YORK, Aug 24 (Reuters) - An out-of-work fashion designer fatally shot a former co-worker near the Empire State Building on Friday and then was killed in a blaze of gunshots by police, stunning tourists and commuters outside of one of New York's most popular landmarks.

Eight bystanders were wounded, possibly all of them by police bullets, though none of their injuries were life-threatening, police said.

Officials said that women's accessories designer Jeffrey Johnson, 58, had been laid off from Hazan Imports a year ago and that while working there, had been locked in a dispute with the victim. Police said Johnson had claimed the victim had failed to sell enough of his creations and held a grudge.

Investigators were attempting to determine whether Johnson shot anyone beyond his initial target. All eight of the surviving victims could have been hit by the two police officers who shot at Johnson, officials said.

Several were likely hit by police bullets that ricocheted off large, anti-terror concrete flower pots stationed outside the Manhattan landmark, police said.

Obviously, the outcome would have been very different if there had been a bunch of pistol-packers in the crowd.
  • The police would have had more targets
  • There would have been more flower pot fatalities
  • More bystanders mowed down (but, who cares, we gots our guns)
  • Holy SHIT! That cop just shot me!
Yepper, we needs more assholes with guns.

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