Monday, August 27, 2012

Politics: It Yam What It Yam

The Popeye of politics, Mitt the Romney, performed his impression of Popeye the Sailor three times during a recent POLITICO interview by blathering, "I am who I am."  Romney admitted that a lot of people, even fellow Republicans, don't like him because he is such a douche bag, but said Mitt the Twit, he will make a super duper president.

Why? Well, because of his experience as a CEO. Romney promised to run the country, presumably as he did Bain Capital, as the chief executive orifice that he is. CEO Romney pledged to treat his Cabinet as he would a board of directors, and take the same unilateral approach to managing that he used in the corporate world. In other words, Romney intends to micro-manage from the Oval Office.

Damn the House, damn the Senate, and damn anyone who dares disagree with his decisions. Oh yeah, and most especially damn the people who voted him into office, for he would be The CEO of the United States of America.

What makes me so sure of this? The simple answer is that we here in the once grand state of Florida are having to live with the poster boy of The Romney Approach to Big Business, Rick Scott. We have heard all of this "run the state/country as a business" crap before, and now we are having to live with a dysfunctional state government led by a man who should probably be behind bars.

Scott has done little or nothing for the people who voted for him. He has trashed state education, social services, health care, and pretty much kept his campaign promise to run the state as he did his former hospital company Columbia/HCA. Scott has essentially told the citizens of Florida to just sit down and shut up. As CEO of Florida, Scott has the lowest approval rating of anyone governing one of the United States of America.

Like Scott, Romney's private sector approach is the antithesis of democratic governance. The Scott/Romney approach is more akin to an autocracy which is detrimental to the well being of ordinary people.

Florida is suffering under the control of Scott and a Republican dominated legislature. Contrary to Scott's thinking, Florida is not a business, and should not be run as such. Likewise, America is a country and should be run as a country by a president and a legislature, not by a CEO and a board of directors.

Speaking of Romney, I could hardly believe my eyes when I read in the morning paper that Romney had flipped another flop. It seems he is now "embracing the health care law." I can't help wondering how well that will go over with the Tea Baggers?

Warning: Expletive forthcoming! Most times I try really hard not to use vulgar language, but sometimes it is really appropriate, so here goes.

Regardless of how you feel about Tampa Bay Rays' player Luke Scott as a ball player, as a political pundit he is a fucking idiot.

Scott recently spewed, "[Obamacare] needs to be taken and thrown into muriatic acid and absolutely disintegrated and never spoken of again. We can't afford it. It's not right. It's the accountability thing, where people can smoke cigarettes and be lazy and be unhealthy, and then you and I have to pay for their health care bills. No, I'm sorry, it shouldn't work that way."

I demand of Luke Scott and all Obamacare haters like him to know who the hell do they think is paying now for the uninsured who seek "free" medical care in hospital emergency rooms? What a piss poor excuse for a human being is Scott. He has got his and then some, so everybody else can go to hell - especially if he doesn't agree with your vices and lifestyle.

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