Monday, August 27, 2012

My New Hero

My dear friend Sweet Polly sent a link to Carol Baker's blog, The Opinionated Bitch. The article was entitled, On "Poverty Envy." It's a bit long, but is worth taking the time to read it.

Down near the end of this well written article on social injustice was a Facebook comment from my new hero, the Duchess St. Rollins. The Duchess was responding to a Tea Bagger's brain turd:

Well said Duchess, well said!


  1. I knew you'd love her! She also has a blog:

    1. The Duchess does tell it like it is, and I did visit her blog. I found a lot more good stuff there. She does have a point - why try to argue with the "Teabilly fucksticks?" Just like their Holy Book of Bullshit, FOX News tells them what to think. FOX said it, they believe it, end of story.