Friday, August 10, 2012

Ministry Of Silly Walks Training Video

My favorite Tampa Bay newspaper columnist, Daniel Ruth of the Tampa Bay Times, had an interesting take on an Olympic event that I wasn't even aware existed: Race Walking. Mr. Ruth alluded that there was some similarity between this event and a John Cleese performance in the Monty Python sketch, Ministry of Silly Walks. Quite possibly "alluded" is too kind a word.

I have seen some rather idiotic Olympic events over the last several days such as: Men's Water Polo involving of a bunch of dudes tossing a rubber ball around in a swimming pool (no horses were involved), Women's Hand Ball was another surprise with the ladies racing around on a big wooden floor playing catch with a rubber ball.

The fates were obviously kind to me since I had the good fortune to miss the walking events for both men and women. Mr. Ruth did pique my curiosity though, so I turned to the most reliable source of knowledge on most everything. I Googled on the Internet where all information has been vetted by the Ministry of Truth.

Not only was I able to watch a moment or two (all I could stand) of this riveting event, but I also stumbled upon an instructional video that might benefit those thinking of participating in the next Summer Olympics. Enjoy!

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