Friday, August 17, 2012

In The News: Another Theater Shooting

This time though, poetic justice was served. According to a Sparks, Nevada police report a local ass with a concealed weapons permit shot himself in the, well...ass while watching the latest Bourne flick.

The citizen in question, a 56 year old pistol-packer, was rearranging his derriere in his theater seat when his implement of destruction escaped its confines, fell to the floor, and discharged, placing a well aimed projectile in this clown's butt just missing his head by mere inches.

Retrieving his popper, the man grabbed his injured tuckus, apologized to the theater crowd and departed reinforcing the tried and true NRA adage that "people don't shoot people in the ass - it's guns that shoot people in the ass".

This shooting with a happy ending (ending - get it) just reinforces my belief that idiots should not be allowed to carry firearms, and most people who carry are idiots.

Need proof? Take a look at this ABC News video (Part 1) that I featured several months ago. Once you have seen that video, take a look at Part 2 (see below), the rest of the story.

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