Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disrespect At The RNC For A Fellow American

My new hero, the Duchess St. Rollins, recently posted a Facebook response using the term "Teabilly Fuckstick" to address an idiotic position taken by, well...a Teabilly Fuckstick.

I thought, in the interest of keeping up with current events and terminology, that I should present an example for your consideration.

In the following video a large group of these "fucksticks" at the RNC here in Tampa responded to the introduction of a Puerto Rican party functionary, Zoraida Fonalledas, the chairwoman of the Committee on Permanent Organization, with loud and continued chants of USA, USA, USA - effectively drowning out this Republican chairwoman.

It mattered not to these "Patriotic" bed-pissing scum suckers that Ms. Fonalleda is representing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. 

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. That they may speak English with a Puerto Rican accent is cause for disrespect? Apparently so for those tobacco-droolin' jizz monkey manglers of the English language at the convention. These RNC Teabilly Fucksticks should be ashamed of themselves.

As an added service to the public, if you need help in choosing the perfect descriptive for some of these RNC Neanderthals, please refer to the chart below provided by the Duchess: 

And, you are welcome!

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