Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Akin: Speculation Runs Rampant

The question on many a mind and on many a lip is will the Missouri Hershey Squirt stay in the senate race or will he drop out as many of the Goobers On Parade are demanding?

Personally, I think this Douche Bag from Misery is a waste of good air, but if I were Akin I would tell all of those nervous ninnies on the right to kiss my "sister's black cat's ass" (from movie Wild Bunch). Why? Because he is still beating challenger Claire McCaskill in the polls. Go figure!

Apparently the voters in the Show Me State would rather have a ball busting, misogynistic idiot to represent them in the senate than an icky, cootie infested, female Democrat.

I have mixed emotions about Akin staying in the race. On one hand, this representative of the idiocracy can be the poster doofus to show America how mind numbingly stupid the Republican party is becoming. On the other hand, we have to hope that there are enough intelligent people left in this country to recognize and reject this right-wing stupidity before it's too late.

In 2006, 20th Century Fox released a documentary film that addressed this very issue. The film didn't receive much critical acclaim because Fox mislabeled Idiocracy a sci-fi comedy as opposed to a portent of things to come. I think it was filmed in Missouri.


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