Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Sunday Stroll

One of the treasures of South Tampa is the area around Ballast Point Park. I took a camera with me on my latest 5 mile hike for fitness. There might have been a plethora of pictures had I not been prodigiously perspiring in the heat and humidity. My Canon is not water proof.

There was a little dallying in the digital darkroom after I returned home and cooled down a tad.

The first image, that of the tree lined street in front of the Tampa Yacht and Country Club, is as it might have appeared in a mid-19th century photo (minus the trailer hitch in the lower left corner) using the daguerreotype process. The rest simulate cross processing - where film and chemicals are mismatched to create sometimes unique color effects.

Interbay Boulevard looking toward the old  Ballast Point trolley stop.
The Ballast Point pier where fishing is great, I hear.
The newly completed boat dock at Ballast Point Park.
The new children's water feature.

And, finally one of the most impressive SOG City buildings. The Ballast Point Elementary School is housed in this lovely historic building of Mediterranean architecture. Its doors were first opened on September 1, 1924 at a cost of approximately $122,000.00.

The school will be celebrating its 88th birthday in a few days.

Happy birthday to the school, and sorry kids about that August 21st reminder. Mom and Dad try to contain yourselves.

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