Monday, August 27, 2012

A SOG City Greasy Spoon

After polishing off a couple of cups of coffee and the Sunday paper in bed my bride, the Belle of Ballast Point, decided she wanted breakfast. On this day our usual breakfast bars just wouldn't do (we are not really breakfast people). And the leftover pizza in the fridge wasn't going to cut it either.

That meant getting up and dressed and going out. I should mention that while I am the chef de cuisine for lunch and dinner, I don't do breakfasts. This presented another little problem. Where do people in South Tampa go for breakfast? Rouen Thai would have been my first choice, but they are not open for breakfast.

While a hearty breakfast for me resembles a Vietnamese pho, by bride thinks of breakfast in terms of bacon, eggs, and grits. So, where the heck do you go around SOG City for an artery clogger such as that?

Well, land o'goshen, how about Mama's Kitchen on South Dale Mabry (5524 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL). It ain't fancy, and it's real close, and my bride by now was starving. Off we went!

At eleven or so on a Sunday morning the joint was packed. It must be good, crammed with all of those heathens who should have been heading off to church an' all. We were directed to a table in the back near the kitchen where the grease hung like a London fog in the morning air.

We were eventually presented with menus, and after a bit someone came by and asked if we wanted coffee. We said yes, and two cups were filled. We added cream from those snazzy little plastic cups with the foil lids.

My bride requested two eggs over medium, hash browns, bacon, and a biscuit. I opted for the fried kielbasa, with two eggs over medium, grits, and something - probably wheat toast. We got what we asked for, and it was what we expected, an American breakfast. I have to say that my sausage was really tasty. It had lots of flavor to go along with the grease. It was good!

I would'a done a bunch more pictures, but I figured if you've seen one grit, you've probably seen them all.

Mama's Kitchen also serves plate lunches and dinners that look as though they would be good and filling. They have some Greek dishes on the menu that looked interesting, too.

We probably got out of Mama's for about $25 and that included a 20% gratuity. My bride was giddy with joy over her breakfast. I still would prefer a soup bowl with broth, rice noodles, veggies, and thinly sliced pork with spicy sauces. A visit to Singapore back in the '70s spoiled me for a Southeast Asian breakfast.

But give Mama's a try. It's not fancy, but it is filling and cheap - and, it made the Belle of Ballast Point happy. That's the most important thing!

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