Monday, July 30, 2012

Would Jesus Support Another Holy War?

Did Mitt the Twit Romney go to Israel just to piss off the Palestinians? Probably not, even though he did manage to do just that.

Apparently the purpose of his trip was two fold. On one hand he promised Israel America's full support if the Israelis decide to bomb Iran back to the stone age, or at least make the attempt. And, by sucking up to Israel Romney hopes to whip up support among, of all people, the American Christian Evangelicals who are gung-ho for Israel since that country, in their delusional minds, holds the key to the second coming.

Uh, two things: If I were Israel, before I start any kind of unilateral action against Iran with expectations of U.S. support after Romney (horrors) gets elected, I would make sure I had a written and notarized contract with this clown. Romney has flipped and then flopped on so many issues I wouldn't trust the bastard to keep his word without an official agreement signed by the Twit and Congress.

That the Christian Evangelical loonies would have America enter into some sort of holy war in support of Israel to perpetuate their religious fantasies is mind boggling to the highest degree. And, it is morally despicable to even fantasize about sending American troops off to another war - especially an Evangelical holy war.

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