Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where The Hell Is The NRA?

In the wake of the tragic shootings in a Colorado movie theater I have been looking to see if there was some sort of reaction to this massacre from the Almighty NRA.

I found this: "Good morning, shooters," the message, published at 9:20 a.m. ET on the American Rifleman's Twitter feed, read. "Happy Friday! Weekend plans?" The American Rifleman is the official journal of the National Rifle Association. Editor's update: This offensive tweet has since been removed.

People and organizations from around the world have reacted to this tragedy with utter sadness and events have been curtailed or canceled out of respect for the victims.

But, where the hell is the NRA?

In my mind it is the NRA and their massive push to arm America that is in great part responsible for this travesty. I await their reaction with bated breath.

What is horrifically sad in addition to the blood bath itself is that so many in the country seem to be accepting this event as the new normal. "I will just have to be more vigilant when I go to the movies," said one person interviewed.

"Be more vigilant" my ass! People all over America need to be screaming for increased gun control, and the Supreme Court needs to take another look at that bastardized 2nd Amendment ruling of theirs.

It wasn't a well regulated militia that killed all of those people in Colorado.


  1. "Increased gun control"? Yeah, that will keep guns out of hands of law abiding citizens. What do you have in mind for the criminals? Laws prohibiting illegal firearm sales? How many rounds do you think that asshole would have got off if the theater patrons were allowed to carry there weapon in with them?

    1. That "asshole" would have gotten off the same number of rounds. Just more people would have died with even more "assholes" shooting guns in all directions. It would have been even worse when the police arrived. Which "assholes" should they have shot?

      The average concealed carry "asshole" is not trained or capable of handling a situation like this.